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NanoZr-PZY 80 Zirconia beads
Suitability for disperse the solvent or water base slurries in disc type mills.

NanoZr-PZY 80 Zirconia beads Alumina Toughen Zirconia beads are shaped by special dropping & rolling method and sinter at high temperature. The compact and homogenous microstructure says no to the air pocket, the tail and snowman beads. The perfect sphericity and middle to high gravity increase the grinding efficiency. It is an economic replacement of Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Beads NanoZr-PZY 95.
Main technical data:

Remark: can be customized for clients

NanoZr-PZY 80 Zirconia beads

The selection of the appropriate grinding beads is an outstanding characteristic for optimizing dispersing and wet grinding processes with agitator bead mills. NanoZr-PZY 80 Zirconia beads offer the best grinding results.

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